In most busy offices there is a wide array of office equipment. This might include everything from photocopiers to printers and computers, plus many other pieces of technology that keep today’s busy workplaces running smoothly. A glitch in any one of these pieces of equipment can bring productivity in even the most effective offices to a grinding halt. Preventing these problems in the first place is an important part of keeping your office moving forward.

When should office equipment be serviced?

Maintenance of office equipment should be performed on a regular basis by a trusted office equipment repair professional. Equipment providers offer routine maintenance checks. These should be performed at regular intervals based on the workload of the equipment you are using and the manufacturers recommendations. In addition, pay close attention to the equipment and look for any signs that it might need a little TLC. Sometimes machines will have a maintenance required light right on the unit that tells you when to call for service. If your office equipment is sluggish or acting out of the ordinary, it is a good idea to get it checked out before it becomes an emergency repair.


Which equipment requires a tune-up?

There are many pieces of equipment in your office that could benefit from regular tune-ups. Typically, high use items such as printers and photocopiers should be maintained regularly. All office equipment can benefit from an annual checkup. Printers and copiers generally require the most attention because they have many moving parts. Additionally, many newer technologies can require software updates to ensure that you are receiving the latest advances and the equipment remains compatible with other office machines.
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